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Pre-Pay Your Bill using the Discount Payment Program

Anyone who has an Active Web Hosting account has the option of pre-paying their bill. When you prepay, you can save up to 20% on your total hosting cost, and help you keep your domain online for less. You also will not be billed again until the end of the prepayment term.

How does it work?

When you receive your bill in E-Mail, log into the Account Administration System and click on the Make Payment link located in the Billing Information area. You will then see a drop down box for Discount Program Payment. Here you have two optionscan select one of the two plans:

When you select the $54 minimum payment plan, your account will be credited $6 which will make give you $60.00 total credit on your bill between your payment and discount. This is 10% off your normal monthly hosting cost and you will be paid up for 6 months.

If select the $96 minimum payment plan, your account will be credited $12 which would give you a total credit of $120.00 between your payment and the discount. This is 20% off your normal monthly hosting cost and you will be paid up for a full year.

What if I have multiple domains online?

This discount program is a real money saver for multi-domain accounts! If you had 13 domains online, your monthly bill would show up as $130 minus the multi-domain discount of $40.00, which means you would be paying $90 per month for your 13 domains. However, if you choose the $96 minimum payment plan, you would be credited a total of $120 to your account. After your payment, your bill is paid up and will also will show a credit amount of $30.00 which will be applied towards your next bill.

What happens if I paid for one of these plans when I first signed up?

If you signed up for 6 or 12 months in advance, you will not be billed until that time period is expired. When your 6 or 12 months are up you will be sent a bill via E-Mail. At that time you may then select to pay only $10 for the month, or make your payment under one of the discount programs. You will then be credited as previously described.

Can I change my discount program choice?

Whenever you pay your bill, you can select a different discount program from the one you used when you made your last payment. You can also opt out by selecting the Not on the discount program choice in the drop down box. This choice is available anytime you pay your bill. You can select a different choice from the one you used the last time you paid your bill.

Can I pay more than $54 or $96?

Yes. If you pay anywhere from $54 to $95 you will get the $6 credit on your account. If you pay $96 or more, you get a $12 credit to your account.

I'm still a little confused on how this works.

The Discount Program you see when you make your payment is basically an option to allow you to get an extra credit to your account whenever you pay your bill, depending on how much you pay. Remember, you must pay at least $10.00 per month per domain to keep your domains online. Depending on how many domains you have online, this program can help you reduce your bill or allow you to keep one or more domains online without having to pay each month.

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