File Types Allowed On The CGI Server

Any files with normal web content file extensions are allowed on the CGI server. This means any ascii text (ie. non-binary) file, gif, png, jpg and svg images. Shockwave Flash files may also be used as part of your site's design template. Keep in mind that while we may allow these files on the CGI server, bandwidth may be restricted if the file sizes are too large.

Most other binary file types are not allowed on the CGI server, including (but may not be limited to) the following formats:

.inc, .dll, .iso, .img, .zip, .rbs, .tar, .tz, .bin, .mp*, .exe, .ra*, .bmp, .doc, .pdf, .avi, .wm*, .mov, .rm*, .xls, .wav, .bsp, .mdl, .asf, .rbs, .psd, and .wad, as well as all music, sound and movie files not mentioned above.