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How To Create A Custom 404 Page For The CGI Server

You can have a custom 404 URL Not Found page for your CGI server. This method works only for your CGI server. If you need to create a 404 error page for your web site or domain, please refer to our FAQ titled Create A Custom 404 Error Page for more information.

  1. Create a file called 404.html and upload it to the root directory of your web space. Do not upload this file to any subdirectory. This file should be a page that looks the way you would like your 404 URL Not Found page to look. Note that if you use any graphics, scripts, etc. on the page, you will want to refer to those elements by the full URL (ie. for example), and not the relative path (ie. images/404image.jpg for example).

  2. In a text file, type in the following:

    ErrorDocument 404

    Where is your actual domain name. Save the document to your hard drive as htaccess.txt or if you're using Linux, .htaccess is preferred.

  3. Upload your htaccess.txt to your cgi server root directory via FTP. Then rename it as .htaccess (you will then see it disappear from the listing of files in most FTP programs). Please see How To Create And Upload An .htaccess File for more information.

  4. Using your FTP program, set the permission for the file to 644.

  5. Send an email to to have us set your 404 error page. You must provide the full path to your 404.html file.

If you already had us set your 404 error page on your web server, you can simply do steps 2-4 above and you will not need to notify us a second time. Just be sure to use the URL to your 404.html file in this step.

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