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How To Make Changes Or Delete An .htaccess File

This document assumes that you have an FTP program which allows you to see hidden files, and that you have created and uploaded your .htaccess file using the information in How To Create And Upload An .htaccess File.

Making Changes To An .htaccess File

  1. First make the desired changes to your own original copy of your .htaccess file (such as perhaps htaccess.txt if you followed the instructions in the above mentioned FAQ).

  2. Log in to your CGI server using a command line FTP program, or an FTP program that lets you see hidden files in directories. Some FTP programs may have a setting for this. Find and delete your .htaccess file you are changing on your CGI server (see below).

  3. Upload your new htaccess.txt file which you made the changes to. Then rename it on your CGI server to .htaccess

Your new changes will take effect immediately.

Deleting An .htaccess File

If you go into a directory on your CGI server where you're sure you have an .htaccess file, but can not find it to delete it, this is because the file is hidden. Any file that starts with a dot (.) is not normally shown in most FTP programs. You will have to set up your FTP program to view all files, include hidden ones and then select the .htaccess file and delete it once you can see it.

If you are using a command line FTP program, here are some suggested steps you can take. Most command line FTP programs use the same basic commands. The text in bold is what you would type in. is to be replaced with your actual domain name.

ftp> open
Password: your_password
ftp> delete .htaccess
ftp> bye

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