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How To Run CGI Scripts Created With PHP or Perl

In order to run cgi scripts created with php, perl, and others, you will first have to be sure your CGI account is activated. Please see How To Request A CGI Account if you have not set up your CGI account yet.

Be sure your have configured your scripts properly. Please see Setting Up CGI Scripts and Paths for more information.

Log into your CGI server using an FTP program and upload your files. Note that this server is not the same as your normal web ftp server. Your CGI server is where represents your actual domain name. Next, be sure that you have set the correct permissions for your files to run:

  • 755 for files that will be written to or changed such as configuration or data files.
  • 666 for files that will not be executed. Examples would be image and data files required by the script.

Now you can test your new script installation by pointing your browser to or where represents your actual domain name and yourfile.php or yourfile.cgi represents the actual script you want to run. Substitute the appropriate domain and filenames.

If you should get errors, be sure that you have your scripts configured correctly and that all paths referenced in the scripts are correct. There are, however, some things you simply cannot do from the script even though the scripting language supports it. Active Web Hosting has security features built in which can prevent a script from running if it tries to access anything that is not allowed to be accessed on the server. If you run into this situation, please either try a different method or try another script.


This tutorial might not have been written during the release of the most current version of this script, but may work with newer versions. It is the domain owner's responsibility to be sure that any script that is run on their CGI server is secure and stable. This means making sure that the script and all it's associated files are of the most recent stable and secure version available.

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