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What is a Domain Name? How do I obtain and use a domain name?

A Domain Name points to a web site the internet. All web sites have a special address (called an DNS address) which is used to locate them on the internet. Web site addresses normally look like a series of numbers separated by dots. A domain name contains an easily remembered name, followed by a dot and an extension such as com, org, net, biz, info and others. Your visitors can type in your domain name instead of a series of numbers in their web browser to see your web site.

A domain name is registered with a registrar, which keeps a record of what domains are assigned to what DNS address. By doing a WHOIS search, you can find out who owns a domain and their contact information. It may take 24 to 36 hours for a domain to become active on the internet, while the domain is being registered.

How do I obtain a Domain Name?

When you sign up with Active Web Hosting, you get to choose a domain name. Once your order is processed, your domain name is automatically registered with a registrar and put online. It is all done automatically for you as part of the sign-up process. We also renew your domain automatically with the registrar at no extra cost, as long as your domain was originally hosted with us and you keep your domain online.

How do I choose a Domain Name?

It is best to choose a domain name that is easy to remember. It can be your name, or the name of your favorite hobby. It is best to check with a WHOIS directory or just type the name in your web browser or Google to see if it was already taken. Your domain name can be up to 63 letters and/or numbers, and include dashes but no other punctuation. Technically, you can choose any of the top-level extensions such as .com, .org, .net, or .biz extension. However, .biz is usually reserved for business sites. Keep in mind that Active Web Hosting does not accept 'adult', illegal, or offensive sites.

How do I use my Domain Name?

You can tell your friends, family, co-workers or prospective customers what your domain name is. They would then type your domain name preceeded by http:// into the address bar of their web browser. If you tell them your domain name is for example, they would then type in their web browser. You can also use instead. This would be typed into their web browser as and still lead them to your web site.

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