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How To Create, Delete, Change, or List E-Mail Accounts

Creating E-Mail Accounts

Active Web Hosting allows you to create unlimited E-Mail accounts for your domain.

  1. Log into the Account Administration System and in the Domain Information area click on the domain which you want to create an E-Mail account in.

  2. In the Email Accounts area, click on Add an E-Mail account.

  3. Fill in the E-Mail address you wish to add. Please be sure to enter the full E-Mail address. For example:

  4. Enter a password which will be used to access the new E-Mail account.

  5. How To Set Up E-Mail Forwarding

  6. Click the Submit button and you're done. You will receive an E-Mail letting you know that the address is going to be processed. There's information in the E-Mail address regarding when your address should become active.

You will then need to set up your E-Mail client to access your E-Mail. Instructions for this can be found in our E-Mail FAQs.

Note About Spam:

Active Web Hosting has a strict NO SPAM policy. If any E-Mail address at your domain is verified as spamming, then Active Web Hosting will cancel the domain. If you are giving an E-Mail address to someone else, please be sure you can trust this individual and that they will use the E-Mail account wisely.

Changing Information On E-Mail Accounts

Changes to your E-Mail account are all done via Web Mail:

  • Visit your Web Mail Interface at

  • For the username, type in the complete E-Mail address of the account you want to set up an Auto Responder for (ie., Type in the password for that E-Mail account.

  • Click on Options in the toolbar at the top of the page.

  • There will be a second toolbar at the top with these options:

    Login: This is the default page when you first click the Options link. Here you can Change Your Account Password.

    POP Retrieval: This features lets you receive E-Mail from other E-Mail accounts you have and places these messages into your inbox on this E-Mail account. Click the Add button to add a new address to receive E-Mail from. You'll need to know the other E-Mail accounts mail server, username and password. You generally won't need to change the port number.

    Mailbox Redirection: You can set up E-Mail Forwarding through this option.

    Auto Response: If you are away on vacation or have a business which you would like your customers to know you received their E-Mail, use this area to set up an Auto Reply or Auto Response to their inquiry.

    Filtering: You can set up E-Mail Filtering using this option, in order to control spam.

    Settings: You can further set up your E-Mail account such as the Friendly Name or display name that appears in the recipients inbox, Time Zone and your E-Mail Signature. Note that any settings in your E-Mail client will take precedence over these settings if you use an E-Mail program to send messages. These settings only affect messages that you send from the Web Mail interface.

  • Whenever you make changes, be sure to click the Update button at the bottom of the page you are working with. The page will return, and will have a message in bold near the top indicating your changes were updated.

  • When finished making your changes, log out using the Log Out link in the top toolbar at the top of the page.

You may or may not receive an E-Mail informing you of the changes made to the E-Mail account, depending on the changes that were made.

If you wish to change the User ID part of your E-Mail address, you will have to contact us at

Deleting E-Mail Accounts

To delete an email account:

  1. Log into the Account Administration System using your domain name and Account Administration Password.

  2. Scroll down to the Domain Information at the bottom of the page and click on the domain name which is associated with the email account you wish to delete.
  3. Scroll down to the E-Mail Accounts section and click on the email address which you wish to delete.
  4. Click in the box after Delete Account. Click the 'OK' button to dismiss the popup confirmation. Then click the Submit button.
  5. You will receive an E-Mail letting you know that the E-Mail account has been deleted.

Listing And Viewing Information On E-Mail Accounts

Log into the Account Administration System and in the Domain Information area click on the domain which you want a list of existing E-Mail accounts from. On that next page, you will find this list in the Email Accounts area.

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