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Setting Up An Auto Responder Using WebMail

Thinking of going on vacation for awhile? Do you have a business which you accept support questions and want people to know you received their inquiry? Setting up an Auto Response message can be quite useful. Do keep in mind that if you receive a lot of spam in your inbox, setting up an Auto Resonder may result in more spam as spammers often see this as confirmation of an active E-Mail address, and may even sell this address to others to send solicitations to. This is why it's best to not set up an Auto Responder for your Postmaster account.

NOTE: Please remember to use the domain name of the E-Mail account you are changing in place of in the steps below.

  1. Visit your Web Mail Interface at

  2. For the username, type in the complete E-Mail address of the account you want to set up an Auto Responder for (ie., Type in the password for that E-Mail account.

  3. Click on Options in the toolbar at the top of the page.

  4. Click on Auto Response in the second toolbar at the top of the page.

  5. Click on the box next to Auto Response Enabled.

  6. Fill in a subject line for the E-Mail message that will be sent anytime someone sends you a message. Some examples would be We have received your feedback or I am on vacation until next month.

  7. Type in a message in the Message Contents box. This could be a date of return, and information on your vacation spot and any emergency contact information. Or if you're using it for business, a message stating that you have received the customer's message and approximately when you or your staff may answer the message, along with other helpful information.

  8. Click the Update button when finished.

  9. The page will reappear and there should be a message above the Auto Response box stating that your information was updated. You can now log out using the button in the top tool bar.

  10. If you wish to remove the Auto Response, you can log in and uncheck the Auto Response Enabled box, then click Update. You can select and delete your subject and message if you wish. However, you may also choose to leave it in the Auto Response just in case you would like to use it again. You can always change the message to suit your current needs. The Auto Reply will not occur unless the Auto Response Enabled box is checked and you have updated the settings.

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