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Checking E-Mail From Your Cell Phone

You can check your E-Mail from any cell phone that supports access to internet wap (or wml) sites. You may not be able to check E-Mail through Active Web Hosting's normal web mail site for your domain due to the fact that some cell phones have a limit to the number of characters in some fields, and therefore you might not be able to type in your full E-Mail address to log in, which is required. However, there is another way you can check, read, reply to, send, and manage E-Mail from your cell phone. Keep in mind not all cell phone providers offer the ability to visit internet sites. Check with your provider for more information.

Below are the steps you can use to check your E-Mail via cell phone. Have your full E-Mail address handy as well as your account password.

  1. Use your cell phone to access the following web site:

    Note that Mail2Web is a free mail checking site. However, your cell phone provider may charge you for time or access to internet sites, including this one. Check with your cell phone provider for more details.

  2. Scroll down and click on Advanced Login. This is necessary so that you can fully access all features of your web mail account.

  3. For Server name or IP address, type in replacing with your actual domain name.

  4. For User ID or Login name, type in your full E-Mail address, for example,

  5. Type in your password.

  6. For Mail Protocol, leave at POP3.

  7. For SSL, leave at No.

  8. Select Check Mail to enter your mailbox.

You will see a list of messages that you can read, or a message saying you have no new messages. There is also a drop-down box that lets you check for new messages, read a particular message, send E-Mail, or log off.

Reading, Replying To and Forwarding Messages

You'll notice that all messages have a number by them. Select the drop down box then select Message x where 'x' represents the message number you wish to read. Then select the 'Go' link. You will need to scroll through the entire message (if it is long, you will need to navigate to the next page(s)) before you get to the options drop down box again. From there you can reply to a message or forward it, as well as delete it.

Deleting Messages

While reading a message, you may choose to delete a message by selecting the Delete Selected option after selecting the drop down box at the end of the message. Note that if you delete a message, you still will be able to download all (even deleted) messages to your POP3 mail client when you check your mail again on your personal computer. This does not delete it from your domain mail server, only from the Mail2Web server.

Sending A Message

From your inbox screen mentioned above, select New Message from the drop down box by selecting the drop down box, scrolling to the New Messages and then selecting Go when done. This brings you to the page where you can compose your new message. The Send link at the bottom of this page will send your message.

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