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Setting Up Eudora 6.2
  1. Click on the Tools Menu and choose Personalities. Alternatively, you can also click on the Personalities Tab on the bottom of the sidebar if it's visible.

  2. Right Click in the Personalities Box and choose New...

  3. Click the Next button to select the default (Create a brand new email account).

  4. Type in a name to identify this account with. This will help you keep track of your email accounts especially if you have more than one on your domain.

  5. Type in your name or whatever you wish to have displayed in the From field when the recipient recieves your email.

  6. Type in your email address, which consists of your email ID and your domain name. For example, if you are using somebody for an email ID and for your domain name, your email address would be:

  7. Type in your login ID, which is exactly the same as your email address. Substitute your_name with your actual email account username and with your actual domain name.

  8. Type in your incoming mail server address. This is always mail. and your domain name. Be sure that POP is also selected (this is default).

  9. Type in the outgoing mail server address. This is exactly the same as your POP (incoming) server address. Leave Allow authentication checked by default. After clicking the Next button, you can then click the Finish button and your account is set up.

  10. To send/recieve mail, you can Right Click on your new email account and choose Check Mail or Send Queued Messages if available.

  11. To send new mail from your new account, first click on the Create New Email icon (1), then click on the From: drop down box (2), and finally choose your new email account ID (3).


When you first check for email or send email for the first time on your new account, you'll be prompted for your password. After that, Eudora will remember these passwords so you don't have to retype them again. If you go to check your new email account for the first time, you will not need to enter your password to send mail after that.

Having Trouble Sending Email?

If you are having troubles sending Email, it may be due to your ISP locking the SMTP port to use only their server. You can try using Active Web Hosting's alternate SMTP port 587. If that doesn't work, you will have to use your ISP's SMTP server and log in with your ISP username and password for SMTP or sending mail only. You will need to contact your ISP for further instructions on setting up your email client to use their SMTP port.

To set up Eudora to use a different SMTP port for your Active Web Hosting account, you will need to edit the C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora\eudora.ini file in Windows Notepad or a plain text editor. Look for your account which would go under a header similar to [Persona - Your Name]. It will usually have for example. Go to the bottom of the list in that category and add this line: SMTPPort=587 and press ENTER. Save this file. Note that there is no menu item or other way to change the port for any account in Eudora's menus. This is the only way to edit the port number with this version of Eudora.


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