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What files can I attach to E-Mail?

You can attach files to your E-Mail as long as you are sure they are not in violation of our terms. Please do not send E-Mail attachments to large groups of people.

The mail servers do not allow file types with the extensions listed below:


We do this for your protection and to protect against viruses. If you really need to send one of these file types, you will need to rename the extension to something else and let your recipient know what to rename it back to.

If you find that a friend can not send you an attached file, please point them to this FAQ page so that they can also learn how to send attached files to your E-Mail account.

Each mail box is 10 Megabytes in size. However, the maximum allowable file size for an E-Mail is 5 Megabytes, which includes any attachments. The mailbox space is recycled during the download process when you receive your mail or delete messages from the server via your web mail interface. However, it can fill up quick if you try to send too many large attachements at the same time.

It is recommended that you send large files using a service such as the Internet File Exchange. This way you can send files as large as you wish. Alternatively, you could save the file on your web server in a separate directory and give your friend(s) a link to the file. However, you'll have to wait until everyone has downloaded the file before you can delete the file from your server. This would not be an issue if you used the Internet File Exchange.

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