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Using Spam Filters In Evolution 2.0.4 for Linux
  1. Tools menu, Filters. Be sure incoming is shown in the drop down box, and click on Add.

    Step 1

  2. For Rule Namem type SPAM filter then choose subject from the top left (if) drop down box. Be sure contains is selected for the drop down box next to it. Then in the box next to that, type SPAM. Also the drop down box next to Execute actions should say if all criteria are met. Do not click the OK button yet.

    Note you can also make other filters in the same way, by clicking the Add button and adding more keywords. For more information on keywords to use in your filters, please see Spam Keywords To Add To Your Filter Lists.

    Step 2

  3. In the slower portion (then), be sure Move to folder is selected from the drop down box on the left. Click on the drop down box on to the right of it marked <Click here to select a folder>.

    Step 3

  4. Since Evolution does not allow you to select the Junk or Trash folders as ones to move your filtered email to, you need to click on the New button and create a new folder.

    Step 4

  5. Be sure that On This Computer is selected and type in Spam in the box at the top. Click the Create button. Click OK in the next three dialog boxes until you have closed them all. Your filter will be added.

    Step 5


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