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Using Spam Filters In KMail 1.7. 2 for Linux
  1. Before setting up a filter, we need to create a folder to separate email that may be spam from the other email you get. Click on Local Folders on the left side list to select it. Right Click and select New Folder...

    Step 1

  2. Type in a name for the folder (such as 'junk') at the top. In the Identity area, select the email account or identity that you wish this folder to apply to. This means that when you set up a filter, junk mail from the email account or identity you choose here will go into this folder. Finally in the New Mail Notification area, you can click in the Ignore new mail in this folder if you do not want a sound played or other indication that mail was recieved and placed in this folder as 'junk'. This step is optional. All other settings can be left as is, or changed according to your preference. Click the OK button when done. The new folder should show up in your folder list under Local Folders.

    Step 2

  3. From the Settings menu, select Configure Filters.

    Step 3

  4. In the Filter Criteria area, be sure Match all of the following is selected. Select Subject from the first drop down box, contains from the second drop down box, and type in SPAM in the last box. Note you can also click the More button to add more filters and keywords. For a list of keywords, you can refer to Spam Keywords To Add To Your Filter Lists.

    In the Filter Actions area, select File into Folder in the first drop down box, then select your newly created Junk folder in the second drop down box.

    Click the More button to add another set. From the second set drop down box, select Mark As and then from the next drop down box, select Spam.

    In the Advanced Options area, be sure the following have an x in the boxes next to them. If not, click in the box to select the item:

    • Apply this filter:
          to incoming messages
          on manual filtering
    • If this filter matches, stop processing here
    • Add this filter to the Aply Filter menu

    Click the OK button when done.
    Step 4


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