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Setting Up GMail To Use Domain Email

You can use GMail to send and receive mail to and from your domain email account. This is useful if you want to do all of your email from within GMail. This will also let you send email so that it will appear as if you sent it from your domain email and not your regular GMail account.

NOTE: Please disable your popup blocker when working with GMail Settings.

NOTE: Please remember to use the domain name of the E-Mail account you are using in place of in the steps below.

  1. Click on the gear icon in the upper right of the GMail page.

  2. Click on Settings. Click on Accounts and Import at the top.

  3. Look for the area entitled Check mail from other account (using POP3. In that area, click the link titled Add a POP3 mail account you own.

  4. There will be popups from here that you'll have to fill out. The first one asks for your email address. Fill in the email address of the account you want to add. For example: Click on the Next step button.

  5. Next is where you fill in the sever information. Email Address is already noted for you.

    Username: This is exactly the same as your email address. So fill your email address in again here.
    Password: Fill in your email account password for the email account you want to add to GMail. Do not fill in your GMail password.
    POP Server: This is (where you substitute with your actual domain name. It has to have mail. in front of it).

    All the other items are optional except Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail. AWH mail servers do not use SSL so leave this unchecked.

    Click Add Account.

  6. For the next screen, click in the radio button next to Yes, I want to be able to send mail as (Note: will instead show your email address). Click Next step.

  7. Next screen:

    Name: Fill in the name you want recipients to see when they get email from you. Examples could be your name, or "Webmaster" or "Admin".
    Email address: Again, fill in the email address you're trying to link to GMail (this is the same one you used in the other steps).
    Leave Treat as alias UNchecked.

    Click on the link Specify a different "reply-to" address.

    Reply-to address: Again fill in the email address you used in the other steps. This prevents GMail from using your main GMail account as the "From" field to the recipient. It will look like it came from your domain. For more information on this and the Treat as alias, please see GMail Help.

    Click Next step.

  8. Click in the radio button next to Send through Gmail (easier to set up). The other option does not work with AWH mail servers. Click Next step.

  9. Click the Send Verification button. Now go into another browser window or tab (Do not close GMail or the popup) and go to your web mail address for your domain. For example, type into the browser's address bar: (replace with your actual domain name). Log into your web mail account using the email address you are setting up and the password for that email account (not the GMail password). You should see you have new mail in your inbox. Click on this and you will find a code in the email (possibly numbers). Select and copy this verification code. (If you decide to click on the link in the confirmation email, then skip the next step).

  10. Go back into the GMail browser tab or window paste in the verification code and click on the Verify button.

Your email account is now set up with GMail. Now anytime someone sends you email to your domain email account, it will appear in your GMail account with your other mail (unless you set up filters, etc. which you will need to consult GMail help to learn how to do this). Also when you reply to emails sent to your domain account, the recipient will see it coming from your domain account and not your GMail account. It will be like you did everything from within your domain's web mail interface, but instead you are able to do this from within GMail.

Note that whether these emails also appear in your web mail for your domain will depend on settings you choose in step 5. Also, if you get the mail in your web mail account before you log in and get mail in your GMail account, it might not appear in your GMail account depending on what you did with the emails in your web mail account or if you deleted them from web mail.

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