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Why am I not receiving my E-Mail?

If you are finding that E-Mail is not getting to your inbox, there are a few things you can check that may help you start receiving E-Mail again. If you are not sure if E-Mail is getting to you, try sending yourself a test message from another domain that is not hosted by Active Web Hosting, such as maybe the E-Mail address your ISP (Internet Service Provider) gave you or a web-based service such as Yahoo. If you find the mail bounces, or doesn't arrive at it's destination, please check the following:

  • If someone is telling you that they sent you an E-Mail but you did not receive it, check your E-Mail program to see if you have any message filters enabled which may be either sorting the mail to a folder you don't normally look in (such as your "junk" or "trash" folder), or that you do not have any filters that are deleting the E-Mail before you get to see it.

  • If someone is telling you that your E-Mail is bouncing as undeliverable, it may be that their domain or IP is on a spam list, even if they are not a spammer themselves. Some lists which can be checked are SpamCop and SpamHaus. If their domain is on one of these lists, they will need to contact the list owner and ask for the domain to be removed so that mail can get through to you.

  • Our servers use a special spam-blocking system to ensure that spam does not reach your inbox, but your normal E-Mail should. However, if the sender sent you a message with a certain web site link or keywords in the message, then it may have been deleted as spam. Click here for an updated list of spam keywords and web site links that are currently blocked by Active Web Hosting mail servers. Also please see A Technical Explanation of How E-Mail Works for more information.

  • You may have also set up other filters on your mail server. When you do this, the E-Mails are filtered before they are downloaded by your E-Mail client program. See How To Filter Your E-Mail for more information on setting up your mail filters.

  • Check that your E-Mail client program settings are correct. Be sure that the incoming mail server is something like where should be replaced with your actual domain name. (This is in fact the same server you use for your outgoing mail as well). For more information on setting up an E-Mail client program to download your E-Mail, please see the E-Mail Programs FAQ index.

  • Last but not least, it may be that your ISP is experiencing access issues causing you to not be able to access the internet momentarily. Check by trying to access your web page on your domain. If that works, it may just be a rare instance that Active Web Hosting's mail server is down. In either case, you may want to try again later.

If you still can not receive your E-Mail after trying a few times, you can always contact us at for more help.

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