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Setting Up Other E-Mail Programs

It is assumed that you know how to use your E-Mail program and how to set up new POP and SMTP accounts.

User ID or Username: Your full E-Mail address. For example, if your E-Mail ID is somebody and your domain is, then use as the user ID.

POP Mail Server: (where is where you'd put your actual domain name).

SMTP Mail Server: (where is where you'd put your actual domain name). Active Web Hosting also requires authentication for the SMTP server.

Password: Depending on your E-Mail program, you may have to enter your password(s) when you first access your new E-Mail account or there may be a place to enter them when you specify your POP and/or SMTP mail server information. Use the password you created for your specific E-Mail ID.

Having Trouble Sending E-Mail?

If you are having troubles sending E-Mail, it may be due to your ISP locking the SMTP port to use only their server. You can try using Active Web Hosting's alternate SMTP port 587. If that doesn't work, you will have to use your ISP's SMTP server and log in with your ISP username and password for SMTP or sending mail only. You will need to contact your ISP for further instructions on setting up your E-Mail client to use their SMTP port. If you need to do it this way, be sure to fill in the Reply To: address as your domain E-Mail address in your E-Mail program so that when the recipient replies to your E-Mail, it will be sent to the correct E-Mail address.

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