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Phishing Scams: How to tell if E-Mail from Active Web Hosting is genuine.

We will contact you via E-Mail for various reasons concerning your account. However, please be aware that there are also phishing scams on the internet that may look official but are cleverly crafted E-Mail messages that can contain imbedded scripts, file attachments or other malware to trick you into giving up your account information, including passwords, sometimes without you even knowing it. Or some of these embedded scripts or attachments may contain a virus that can harm your computer or files.

To distinguish genuine Active Web Hosting E-Mail from a bogus E-Mail, please keep the following points in mind:

  • We will never ask you for your password via E-Mail. Do not give any of your passwords out to anyone.

  • We do not send E-Mail messages out asking you to verify your personal information except if we need to ask you to update your WHOIS domain information. To do this, do not click on the link in the E-Mail, as it will go to the registrar that sent it. Since you have an account with us, please contact us at to update your contact information in the WHOIS database at any time. Please tell us also which domains you own. Note that changing your contact information in the Account Administration System does not change the contact information in the WHOIS database. If you need to change your contact information, you'll have to do so both in the Account Administration System and by contacting support.

  • We never send file attachments to our customers. If you get an E-Mail from us with an unexpected file attachment, then delete it immediately. It may contain a script, virus, malware that we did not send. We also do not send E-Mail messages with embedded scripts or other embedded files.

  • Occasionaly, our staff may send you E-Mail with links in the E-Mail to information that may further help you, or for instructions on how to resolve a problem with your account. Usually our links are to a file or directory on Be sure that you remember the above points before you click on a link in an E-Mail from us. Also be very sure that the link to is spelled correctly in the E-Mail. Sometimes a mispelled domain can lead to a cloned site which can also load unwanted scripts which could run on your computer without your knowing it. When in doubt, please contact us at and give us the web address (it's best to cut and paste the web address) so that we can confirm and/or safely check that it is one of our links.

Keeping these points in mind will help you keep your computer safe, and still able to receive important communication from Active Web Hosting regarding your account.

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