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What are the extra directories for on my ftp site? Can I delete them?

When you go into your web space area via FTP, you may find a file and a directory already there. One file, the index.htm or index.html file is there as a placeholder for people who visit your page. You may delete this file and replace it with your own index.htm or index.html file for your web page. Note that for your web space to display to your visitors properly, the start page of your web site must be named index.htm or index.html

You probably will also see another directory called logs in your FTP area. This you do not want to delete. This is where your site logs are. Please see How To View Your Web Server Logs for more information.

If you FTP into your CGI server you'll may see two directories: logs and cgi-bin. The logs directory you do not want to delete. The logs directory is a log of your usage of the CGI area. The cgi-bin can be deleted if you feel you will have no use for it. This directory is where you could put come of your cgi scripts. However, CGI scripts can work in any subdirectory or the root directory of your CGI server.


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