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Setting Up Filezilla 2.2.9
  1. If the Site Manager window is not already displayed, from the File Menu select Site Manager.

  2. This is the area where you set up your FTP account information.

    • Click on the New Folder button and type in a name for the account.

    • Fill in the Host field. This is something like where represents your actual domain name.

    • Use your actual domain name for the Username as well.

    • Type in your password.

    • Optionally, you may click on the Advanced button and browse to the folder you keep your web site files in on your hard drive.

    • Click the Connect button to connect to your web space on Active Web Hosting's server.

Transferring Files In FileZilla:

  1. To transfer files from your hard drive to your web space, first select the files you wish to transfer from the left side. Hold down the CTRL key and click on additional files you wish to transfer. Right click on the selected files and choose Upload. The uploading of the files should start automatically.

  2. When you are done transferring files, disconnect by clicking the Disconnect Icon, which is the third icon from the right on the toolbar.

Using Other FTP Commands:

Changing Folders: If you wish to transfer files to another folder in your web space, double-click on the folder in the web space window.

Deleting Files: To delete a file, right click on the file and select Delete.

Renaming Files: To rename a file, right click on the file and select Rename.

Creating A New Folder: Right Click in the web space window and select Create Directory. Type in a new name for the folder.

To Change File Permissions or use CHMOD: If you are installing a file that requires certain permissions to be set, right click on the file to change and select File attributes.


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