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Can I discuss Peer-To-Peer, Viruses, Warez, etc. on my web site?

In the United States, people are free to discuss anything they wish on the internet. However, there are restrictions as to how   certain topics can be discussed.

You can discuss anything from Peer-To-Peer file sharing, how viruses are written and spread, how to tell if a program is legal or "Warez" (ie. an illegal copy distributed on the internet), and other controversial (even non-technical) topics. However, you can not legally encourage, allow access to, or supply illegal content. This means you can not provide files or links to files that are illegal, or that can encourage illegal activity. You also are not allowed to discuss illegal activity in such a way as to encourage or incite others to commit any illegal act. You can be held liable and even procecuted and jailed if such content is found on your site.

Active Web Hosting will shut down any site that is brought to our attention which contains illegal activity.


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