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I get a database error when I try to run a script that accesses the MySQL database.

If you are trying to run a script (perl, php, etc.) that accesses your MySQL database and you see error messages that say that the script can not connect to your database or other database access errors, be sure that your script's configuration is set properly.

Look for a config file (such as config.php,, config.cgi, or for example). See if there are parts in the configuration that refer to your MySQL database. Please read any installation instructions that come with the script and/or the comments in the config file to learn what is needed to set it up.

For example, you at need the following to connect to your database. Note that yourdomaincom should be replaced by your actual domain name without any dot.

Host: localhost
Database: yourdomaincom
Database Username: yourdomaincom
Database Password: your MySQL database password

Also be very sure you have set up your MySQL account. For more information, please refer to How To Request A MySQL Database.


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