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How To Back Up Your Entire Database
  1. Log onto phpMyAdmin using your database name (which is your domain name without a dot, ie: yourdomaincom) and your database password.

  2. Click on your database name in the left side list.

  3. Click on the Export tab link at the top.

  4. Select Structure and Data

  5. Click on the Select All link.

  6. Click on the check boxes next to all the options:

    Add 'drop table'
    Complete inserts
    Extended inserts
    Enclose table and field names with backquotes

  7. Click on the check box next to Save As File. Select gzipped. Your download should start. Save this file to your hard drive.

  8. You can extract the database file using any program that handles gzipped files such as WinZip or PowerArchiver.

For more information on importing and exporting your database, please see How To Import and Export Data From A Database.


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