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Where do I place my PHP pages?

In order for your PHP page to work, you must upload the file to your CGI Server, by using an FTP client to log into your ftp space (where would represent your actual domain name). Then you would point your visitors to that page by providing a direct link to that page or linking to it from your normal web site. The URL for CGI pages is something like where would represent your actual domain name.

Please be sure that any configuration files you need are properly configured before you upload them to the server. If your PHP pages use MySQL, be sure that the correct username (usually yourdomaincom which would represent your actual domain name without the dot separating the domain from the extension) and MySQL database password entered into any configuration files you need for your pages to work. Note that your database name is also the same as your username. For more information, please see How To Use MySQL In PHP Pages.

If you would like to find out more about the PHP installation on Active Web Hosting's servers, try this PHP Test Script.

If you are having problems with the Active Web Hosting CGI server please email


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