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Multiple Domain Discount Program

Active Web Hosting has a discount program for those who have more than one domain online. For every three domains you have online each month, you get a $10.00 discount on your monthly bill. That means for every two domains you have online every month, you can host a third one free!

NOTE: To qualify each month for this discount, your domains have to be online at least one month minimum and you must have signed up for three separate domain names and have them online.

What if I have 5 domains online? Do I get a discount?

You will get a $10.00 discount for the first 3 domains, and pay $10.00 each for the other two, for a total of only $40.00 for 5 domains. You can have a 6th domain and still pay only $40.00 as you'd then qualify for a second discount. This discount applies in multiples of three only.


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