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The Active Web Hosting Referral Program is a program that lets you tell your friends and visitors to your site about our great hosting services. By putting a banner or link on your site, or in your e-mail or forum postings, you can earn some extra cash!

How does the Referral Program work?

You can earn $10 for every new account you send to Active Web Hosting, and an additional $2.50 for each month that account is online. Note that this does not apply to new domains that you create for yourself.

  • Place a banner or text link on your site. Here are two code options you can cut and paste into your HTML file. Be sure that the code you use is all on one line.

    Text Link

    For low cost web hosting services please visit our host <a href=''>Active Web Hosting</a>

    Banner Link

    Sample HTML Code:

    <a href=''>
    <img src=''>

    Sample HTML Code:

    <a href=''>
    <img src=''>

    You also may make your own banner to link to Active Web Hosting.

    E-Mail/Forum Signature Link


    Replace with your actual domain name.

  • Anyone who clicks on the banner or link is sent to the Active Web Hosting main site. The referring URL is detected automatically, which means that your account will automatically be credited should the visitor sign up for service. No other special code is required!

    In addition, you get an extra one-time $5.00 bonus when someone signs up after clicking on your banner or text link from your web site! This extra bonus is not credited if someone uses the "Referred By" box and did not click on a banner or text link on your web site. NOTE: This link must be on your main home page (ie. index.html, index.htm, default.html or default.htm).

  • You may also have your friends put your domain name (for example, without the "http://www.") in the Referred By box during sign-up. This is useful if you are emailing a recommendation to a co-worker or friend about our hosting services. Note that you will not get a $5.00 bonus if someone signs up using this method and had not clicked on a banner or text link to on your site.

  • Your account will be credited for any referrals that have signed up for hosting that month, in addition to each referral that has stayed online for that month.

How do I get referrals without spamming?

As you know, Active Web Hosting does not tolerate spamming, sending unsolicited mass emails or mass postings to newsgroups or forums. Your account could be terminated if you are caught spamming. There are many ways you can gain referrals without spamming. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Place a banner or text link as shown above on at least the first page of your web site. Then enter your web site into search engines or try signing up for Google AdSense to generate traffic to your web site. Using Meta Tags may also help your site get recognized by search engines.

  • Tell your friends, co-workers and family about Active Web Hosting. Give them the text referral link mentioned above. When they visit that URL and sign up, you will be credited for the referral automatically.

  • Use the email referral link in your email signature. Be sure that you send emails to only those people you know or who have emailed you first.

  • Put the referral link in your signature line for forums and newsgroups. Some newsgroups and forums do not allow any advertising of commercial sites so do be sure you have read their terms first and that the content of your web site is mostly if not all non-commercial. Post only if you have a question or can offer help. Don't mention the referral program within your posts. Be sure you do not post too many messages either, or you could be accused of spamming.

  • Ask friends who have web sites to link to your site. This will bring you more visitors and thus possible referrals when visitors see your link to Active Web Hosting.

How do I join the Referral Program?

There is no need to pre-register or sign up for the referral program as long as you have an Active Web Hosting account. Simply put a banner or text link on your site as mentioned above, or share your referral link in your e-mail or forum signature. Whenever someone visits one of the links and signs up for hosting service, you will automatically recieve the appropriate referral credit(s)!

I made money on my referals. Can I have a check mailed to me?

Anytime you have a credit on your account, due to a referral payment, gift, etc. you may request a check for that amount to be sent to you. To request a check:

  1. Log into the Account Administration Page using your domain and password.

  2. In the Billing Information area click on the link titled "Request A Check". NOTE: This link will not appear if you do not have any credit on your account.

  3. Next, enter the amount that you would like a check for. Note that you can not request an amount larger than the amount of credit in your account, which will be the default amount filled in for you. Click on the Submit Request button.

The Billing Department will review your request and send you a check for the amount you have specified. Please allow up to two weeks for the check to arrive in the postal mail. You can see if a check is issued by reviewing your Account Statement.


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