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Gallery2 2.0.2 (Full Version)

Gallery2 is a photo album which you can install and use to organize your collection of photos. You can also share photos with your friends. There are many features in Gallery2, depending on the package in which you download. Most people may only need the Minimal or Typical package. NOTICE: This program will not work on our servers at this time.

Unfortunately, we were not able to fully test Gallery2 due to the fact it requires php Safe Mode to be disabled. We can not disable Safe Mode due to security reasons. We recommend using one of the a working alternatives here. We are also offering this Gallery2 Tutorial as a reference only. We do not recomment you attempt to install Gallery2 unless you know a fix for these issues. If anyone knows of a way to remedy the problem and get Gallery2 working with safe mode turned on, then please let us know by emailing us at


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