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Working With Mambo

Mambo is a versitile Content Management System which allows you to manage content such as articles, news stories, information, and pictures. In addition, it adds interaction for your visitors such as user log in so that your visitors can also add content, polls, banner rotation, and more. Mambo is easy to use and comes with several templates you can choose from to design your site right after installation.

Working With Mambo will show you how to further customize your site to look and operate the way you want. You'll also learn how Mambo works, and how to add more functionality to Mambo.

This is not a 'Quick Start' guide or something you can do in one sitting. You will probably want to expriment with this series of tutorials on a directory on your CGI server (or your own private server if you have one installed on your home computer) without giving the URL to anyone. When you have become comfortable with Mambo and have designed your site, then you can give out the URL to your new site.

Before you start with this series, be sure you have Installed Mambo on your CGI server. Note that we are using a later version than in the installation tutorial. However, installation is basically still the same. Also be sure to set up your Global Configuration (found in the Site Menu in the Mambo Administrator pages) to match your web site preferences.

If you are planning to use any Modules, Component add-ons and/or Mambots that do not come with the Mambo installation, you will need to develop your web site offline and upload it later. This is due to our servers having php's safe mode turned on for security reasons.

IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTE! Always be sure you have installed the latest updates and/or patches for Mambo as well as for any additional components, modules, mambots, etc. Updates are very important to the security and proper functioning of your Mambo site!

While you can skip around to different pages in this series, it's best to do these in order as some information referenced later may be described in previous pages.

  1. Installing & Configuring Mambo
  2. Using Templates
  3. Modules
  4. Add-Ons (Components)
  5. Mambots
  6. Creating Your Layout
  7. Menus & Content
  8. Adding And Approving User-Submitted Content
  9. Using A News Board
  10. Creating A Frequently Asked Questions Database
  11. Banner Rotations
  12. RSS NewsFeeds
  13. Displaying Sites Within Mambo (Wrapper)
  14. Links Database
  15. Image Gallery
  16. Providing Downloads
  17. Managing Registered Users & Visitors
  18. Mambo Resources & Information


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