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How much space do I get?

Active Web Hosting will provide unlimited web space for your files. We do not monitor or check how much space your files are taking up on the servers. This also includes the CGI server and your database.

However, you still may want to take into consideration a few points in which the file size may have an effect on the operation of your web site:

  • While we do not charge extra for bandwidth usage, we do allocate available bandwidth fairly between all domains that are online. If your site has large files, your site may take longer to load, or may become unavailable periodically. For more information on bandwidth, please consult our Glossary and What is bandwidth and what are your limits?

  • Large databases may take longer to load.

  • Large binary files (programs), archive files (for example, .zip), images, videos and sound files may take awhile to load or download, especially for those with dial-up access.

Again, we do not have any restrictions on how much web space you use or the size of your actual files. However, keeping the above points in mind can help to keep your site running smoothly.


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