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Adding, Editing and Deleting Others Hosted On Your Domain

While we do allow you to host others on your domain, please be sure that you trust the individual before hosting them. To host a friend's site on your domain, you can set up an FTP account where they can upload their web site files. They will then have their own FTP username and password. We will cover adding a hostee, changing their log in information, directory, and cancelling hosting for your hostee.

Adding A Hostee

  1. Log into your domain's FTP space and create a directory for the individual you will be hosting. This is the directory they will see when they log into their FTP site. Do not put the directory in a sub directory. The directory you create for your hostees must reside in the root directory of your domain. For example: and not where newhostee represents the directory you are trying to create. You can name the directory anything your hostee wishes, as long as it does not contain spaces, punctuation, or any special characters, or is illegal or offensive.

  2. Log into your account from the Account Adminstration Page. and click on the domain link that you are hosting the individual on.

  3. In the FTP Accounts area, click on the Add an FTP Account link.

  4. Fill in a username and password for the new account. Be sure to also fill in the exact same directory as you created in step 1. Click the Submit button when done.

    NOTE: The actual FTP username will be similar to Please do not add your domain to the username on this form since it is automatically done for you when the new account is set up.

  5. Wait for an email message to arrive telling you that the hosting directory is set up. Then give your new hostee the ftp host, username (exactly as it is shown in the email), password and URL to their new site. The URL will be your domain, a forward slash and the directory name. For example: would be an example of a new web site address.

NOTE: FTP accounts are not for public access. If 10 or more IP addresses log into the new FTP directory in 24 hours then the FTP services will be disabled until the next day. If your hostee is using Dial-Up internet access, you may want to mention this to them so that they can do their uploading more efficiently.

Your new hostee is not to use the cgi server. If they wish to run or use CGI scripts, MySQL, php, perl, etc. they will need to have a full Active Web Hosting account of their own. If they put your domain in the Referred By box, you can get a monthly credit for the referral. See our Referral Program for more information.

Changing A Hostee's Information or Deleting A Hostee Account

You can change your hostee's password or directory you have their files hosted on, or even delete their account. To make these changes:

  1. If you are deleting a hostee's account, log into your domain's FTP account and delete the directory of the hostee you are removing. If the site is being moved, be sure that the files are in the new location or saved on the hostee's own hard drive before deleting the old files and directory.

  2. Visit the Account Administration Page and click on the domain that is hosting the account you wish to change or delete.

  3. Click on the username of the account that you wish to change or delete.

  4. Make the changes you need to make. To delete an account, click in the box next to Delete Account. When done, click the Submit button.

NOTE: You can only change the password and/or the directory, but not the username. To change the username, you would have to create a new hostee account after deleting the old one from the Account Administration System. You do not have to remove the directory from your FTP server in this case. Just indicate the old directory when creating the new account.

You will be notified in email when the account is deleted or changed. The hostee will not be notified of any action taken on their account so you will have to notify them of the changes yourself.

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