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Transferring A Domain to Another Hosting Company

If you are giving your domain to a new owner, we highly recommend that they keep the domain hosted with Active Web Hosting. The transfer process would then be very simple. Follow the instructions in How To Change Ownership of a Domain.

If you intend to transfer the domain to another hosting company entirely, you will need to be informed of the following important points:

  • There is a one month minimum that you must be charged for hosting at Active Web Hosting. We also charge a $30 domain registration fee for any domain that has not been online with Active Web Hosting for at least 90 days.

  • If you transfer your domain to another hosting company, Active Web Hosting will not renew the domain name automatically when the registration expires. Active Web Hosting renews domain names automatically only if the domain is hosted with us. It is your responsibility to ensure that either you or your new hosting company renews the domain when it comes up for expiration.

  • If you still want us to renew your domain for you after the transfer to the other hosting company, you will need to make a $30 payment using the General Payment System. Please state the reason for the payment as "Renewal for [your domain name] for another year." We will process your payment and renew your domain. You will then get an E-Mail confirming the renewal. You have up to 30 days prior to your domain's expiration date to do this. We can not process requests for domains set to expire in less than 30 days.

To transfer a domain to another hosting service, follow these steps:

  1. Be sure to back up any files you have on your web and CGI servers, and your MySQL database to your hard drive. Please see Accessing and Managing MySQL Databases Using phpMyAdmin for information on backing up your database. It's best to remove all files and directories on your servers, and all tables from your database prior to transfer.

  2. Verify your account contact E-Mail address in the Account Administration System. Be sure that it is not an E-Mail address from the domain you wish to transfer. If it is, be sure to change it to a different E-Mail address that is not on the domain you are transferring so that you can receieve the important transfer information.

  3. Be sure that your account is paid up with no outstanding balances on your Active Web Hosting account or you will not be able to continue with this process.

  4. Follow the steps to Cancel your Active Web Hosting Account.

  5. Follow the steps to Obtain your Domain Management Information.

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