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What To Do About Domain Expiration Notices (Domain Registries of America (DROA) or Elsewhere)

If your domain was provided by Active Web Hosting and is hosted with us, DO NOTHING! We automatically renew domains if we supplied your chosen domain name and it is hosted at Active Web Hosting.

If your domain is not provided by and hosted with us, you will need to renew your domain name yourself when you get your renewal notice. Please see Transferring A Domain to Another Hosting Company for more information on what you need to do to renew your transferred domain name should you get a notice. Be sure to verify that the notice is from the hosting company or registrar that had registered or transferred your domain name and not from someone else.

For more information on transferred domains, see Transferring A Domain to Active Web Hosting.

IMPORTANT Information about
Domain Registries of America and Liberty Names of America

Some customers have been given a notice that looks much like a bill stating that their domain name is about to expire. The Federal Trade Commission has looked into such notices.

If you already sent money to a registrar which did not hold your domain's registration, please call your credit card company (or whatever financial institution you used for payment) and cancel your payment.

If you find any company that tries to coerce you to register domains with them, you'll find that they usually charge a very large amount of money by comparison to our hosting plan. With Active Web Hosting, not only do you get full-service hosting for only $10 per month, you also get your domain name registered and renewed free as long as you pay your monthly fee!

Be very careful of "renewal" or other notices regarding your domain. If you should get one that looks official or looks similar to a bill and is not from any company that you have registered or hosted with, please contact the Attorney General in the state where the notice comes from. You can usually find the state they are from on the return address of the suspicious mailing. From there you can obtain a complaint form by calling the state's Attorney General's Office. Fill out their complaint form and send it along with photocopies of the offending mailings to the address on the form. You can also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

In the case of a spam E-Mail, look for a regular mail address which may give clues to the state where they want you to send payment. If none, then look at the headers to find the service provider's domain and contact the service provider to report the spam.

It is always a good thing to take action and turn in to the proper parties any suspicious mailings or E-Mails as it helps to keep domain registration safe and secure. Never under any circumstances reply to any E-Mails or call any of these registry services if you feel they are suspicious. This may cause you to receive even more spam or mailings.

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