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How To Add A Sub-Domain

You may host sub-domains if you wish. A sub-domain is an addition to your domain name, such as for example. In order to bring a third-level domain online with Active Web Hosting, you will first need to be the owner of the actual domain name. In addition, each sub-domain costs an additional $10 per month. The sub-domain will have all the same services of the original domain, such as it's own separate CGI account, unlimited FTP and E-Mail accounts, a separate MySQL database, and more. You are not limited to the amount of sub-domains you may have, as long as you own the top-level domain (such as for example).

You can also still qualify for discounts on your sub-domains just as you do for your existing domains. Each sub-domain is counted as another domain on your account.

If you wish not to spend the extra per sub-domain, despite the discount programs, you can still host others on your account for free. The web address would then be instead of For more information, please see Adding, Editing and Deleting Others Hosted On Your Domain.

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