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Preventing Hostees from Spamming Using Your Domain

When you are hosting other people's sites on your domain, you want to be very sure that they do not use their space or E-Mail address to send spam. Here are some tips to help you avoid This. Remember, you are responsible for all activity on your domain. If someone uses your domain for spam, you could be held liable and your domain may be taken offline.

  • Always be sure you can trust your hostee before you give them an E-Mail account. You don't have to give them an E-Mail account at your domain, however. You can opt to just give them ftp space for their web site. It is up to you to use your best judgment in each case.

  • Do not under any circumstances allow any hostee to use the CGI server, even for E-Mail forms. Your domain can be taken offline if your hostee is using a script on your domain's CGI server.

  • If your hostee wants to have people E-Mail them from their site, have them use another E-Mail service (such as the many web-based free services or an account with their ISP) and put that address in a link on their web site.

  • If your hostee would rather use an E-Mail form, they can obtain web forms from free services such as BraveNet or Response-O-Matic.

  • You could create an Abuse E-Mail account. The E-Mail address would be where represents your actual domain name. Do not give this E-Mail address out to anyone! Usually, when people report spam, they would send it to an abuse@ E-Mail address. This way you can receive any spam reports and take necessary action, such as sending a warning or deleting the offending hostee's account. Please see How To Create, Delete, Change, or List E-Mail Accounts for more information on setting up a new E-Mail account.

    Even if you do not create an abuse@ E-Mail account, any E-Mail sent to non-existent accounts will automatically end up in your postmaster E-Mail account. For more information, please see The Postmaster Account: What It Is And How To Use It.

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