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I have my account and domain. What do I do now?

Welcome to Active Web Hosting! Now that you have your own account, you're probably wondering what to do next.

Create A Web Page

First create a home page with a simple text editor such as Windows Notepad, or use an HTML Editor such as one of the popular ones listed below. If you don't know how to create a web page, you can find some good tutorials for the very beginner at Another good resource for learning HTML is at's Reference section.

HTML Editors:

Add Your E-Mail Address

Active Web Hosting lets you also have your own email address. To set up your own email address, click here. After you create your own email account (or you can use your existing email address if you wish), you can add this link to your home page for people to email you:

<a href="">Email Me!</a>

Substitute with your actual email address. Be sure to set up your email client so you can send and recieve email from your new address.

Upload Your Web Page

Once you have created your home page, save it as index.html. You must name the first page of your web site index.html for your web page to work online properly. You upload your index.html file (and any other files you need for your web site) using what is known as FTP. You can get a good FTP program at one of the links below:

FTP Programs:

You will want to consult the FTP program's documentation on how to upload a file to your web server. Basically, you just enter into the FTP program setup your host name (which is something like where is your actual domain name), your username which is your actual domain name such as, and your password. Then connect to this address and upload your file(s). You should have recieved an email with your FTP information after you signed up.

Tell Your Friends About Your New Web Address!

Once your index.html file is in your web space directory, you can share your web page link with your friends! Your web address is something like for example. Just substitute with your actual domain name you chose when you signed up.

That's it! Congratulations! You're now online! :)

Do be sure to check out our other Frequently Asked Questions for more in-depth help on all of Active Web Hosting's features!

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