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What Scripts Are Allowed On The CGI Server?

Generally, we allow nearly any script to run on your CGI server, such as Content Management Systems, forums, guestbooks, counters, photo galleries, calendars, and others. However, there are some scripts and some files that we do not allow on the CGI server. If you host such scripts and/or files then your domain may be taken offline until you remove the offending material. Some scripts are allowed, but only under strict rules. Here is a list of guidelines that you must follow to run scripts on your CGI server:

  • All scripts must be secure. This means that no script must allow your visitors to upload files to your CGI server, allow downloading of illegal content, or send mass amounts of email.

  • Do not use scripts that allow a visitor or registered user to upload files such as warez, pornography, copyright media (music, videos, etc.) or other illegal content. Only you, the domain owner may upload files to your CGI server.

  • Do not host non-web related media or program files. For a list of files allowed and not allowed on the CGI server, please see File Types Allowed On The CGI Server.

  • Do not run any proxy scripts which are open to the public. You must password protect the CGI directory which the script is run from, and use it only for your own personal use. You may not use it to download illegal files, warez, pornography or copyright media under any circumstances.

  • You may not run mailing lists (such as listserv or majordomo), or any script that can be used to send large amounts of email quickly. Doing so may be regarded as spam, and thus result in your domain taken offline until the situation is resolved.

Please check back to this FAQ periodically as we may add or change these guidelines as necessary. Generally, be sure that your visitors can interact with your site safely and securely, and that it is not possible to send spam, upload or download illegal content.


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