Allowable Content & Files

On a paid hosting account, you may have the following file formats in your web space: HTML files, Text files, and Image files (GIF, JPG, PNG). Other files we may allow on a limited basis are Movie (MOV, WMV, AVI, SWF, ASF, etc.), Audio (MP3, WAV, MOD, RA, RAM, etc.) and some other binary files (ZIP, EXE, COM, PSD, PSP, etc.) In all cases, you must be the legal owner or have permission from original creator of the files. Copyright or intellectual property infringement is not tolerated.

You may not have Movie, Audio, or any other binary file types on your CGI server, however. Only text (HTML, PHP, PL, CGI, etc.) and web-based image files (GIF, JPG, JPEG, JPE, PNG) are allowed on the CGI server. Shockwave Flash files may also be used as part of your site's design template.

We also may restrict Bandwidth when necessary. This applies to any file that has a large file size. Generally, movies, music, sound, and image files tend to be rather large. Please be sure to keep your file sizes small and only distribute a small amount of these files. Even one large file may cause problems for your site. Please see What do I do if my domain is restricted or taken offline? for more information.

Active Web Hosting does not allow illegal activity or copyright material you do not have permission to use on your web sites. The following is a guide to some of the items that are not allowed on your web site. Active Web Hosting reserves the right to take offline any site that is suspected of illegal activity.