What do I do if my domain is restricted or taken offline?

If your domain has been restricted or taken offline, you will need to fix the problem which caused it to go offline and then email support@activewebhosting.com to ask that your site be reviewed and placed back into normal operation.

Here are some reasons that your domain could go offline or be restricted, and ways to correct the problem:

High Bandwidth Usage

Your web site may be online but may be restricted and thus slowed down significantly, or certain content may become unavailable if you are distributing one or more large files (such as video, audio, music, or other media-rich content). We distribute bandwidth usage equally and thus may have to limit or shut down sites that use too much bandwidth. To resolve the situation, remove any large files. If you have been in contact with us about the situation, let us know when the files have been deleted. Please see the following FAQs for more information:

Illegal or Objectionable Content

Active Web Hosting reviews sites from time to time to be sure they do not have any illegal or objectionable content. Please review your site to be sure you do not have any items displayed which you do not have permission from the legal copyright holder to distribute or show on your site. Also be sure you do not have any other illegal, obscene or objectionable content. Please see our Active Web Hosting Subscriber Agreement & Contract for more information.

If you need to access your account to remove files from your CGI Server and your domain is offline, please log into the FTP host cgi.activewebhosting.com and use your CGI username and password to log in.

Your account is not fully paid up.

If you have not kept up with your monthly payments, your domain will be taken offline. If you wish to bring the domain back online again, please submit full payment of any amount you own and email support@activewebhosting.com to ask that your domain be brought back online.

You have canceled or abandoned your domain.

If you abandoned your domain (ie. did not pay your monthly fee) or canceled it and wish to bring it back online, then submit payment for your domain and contact support@activewebhosting.com with the name of the domain you wish to bring back online, along with your name, address, phone number, and account number. We will process your request and put the domain back online for you.