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  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
    1. What You'll Need
    2. Where To Put WordPress
    3. Configuration
    4. Lock Down Your Writable Directories
    5. Uploading Your Installation
    6. Installing WordPress
    7. Finishing
    8. Plugin: Security
    9. Plugin: JetPack
  3. Security
    1. Prevention
    2. Detection
    3. Removal
  4. Updating Wordpress
  5. Removing WordPress
  6. Back Up Your Site
  7. Troubleshooting
  8. Resources


Last Update: December 27, 2016
WordPress Version: 4.7

WordPress is a fully functional content management system. You can also get additional themes and plugins to further extend WordPress. WordPress can be used for anything from Blogs to entire interactive web sites and even online stores and eCommerce sites.

Important Security Notice:

WordPress is often the target of malware and intrusions due to it's popularity. We have seen some WordPress sites become repeatedly compromised. These sites are usually infected with worm that keeps re-installing itself (possibly remotely) and usually using the compromised site to send excessive spam. While we do our best to protect our server from these issues affecting all customers, we have no control over what an individual customer installs on their WordPress site. It is your responsibilty to ensure that your site is free of malware. To ensure the security of the server, we do take sites offline if they are found to be suspected of sending spam or otherwise compromised.

This tutorial will help you properly install a WordPress site that would help deter malware and other infections. In addition, we will cover some security information as well as what to do if your site becomes infected.

NOTE: In this tutorial we refer to directories, sub-directories, and folders. Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably. These terms refer to a directory on your hard drive or in your CGI Server account (or Web Hosting account) that either you create via FTP or that is already present as part of WordPress, a theme or plugin. These directories may also contain one or more files.


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