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How do I allow my visitors to upload files or images?

We do not allow any means for your visitors to upload files or images to your web site or CGI server. This is to protect you from having your domain taken offline due to illegal, objectionable content, or content in violation of copyright laws. Please be sure that you provide a way to review all files submitted by your visitors before they are placed online and accessible by others.

There are ways you can allow your visitors to contribute to your site safely:

  • Create a web form with a check box to indicate that the visitor wishes to submit a file. Make sure they know to provide a valid e-mail address. Then contact them and ask them to email you the file. This also verifies that they have valid contact information. A good service for sharing files is the Internet File Exchange.

  • In your web form, ask that visitors provide a link to the file so that you can retrive the file.

  • You can provide hosting for people you trust and let them have their own FTP account and web site to put their own files up. Then link to their page from yours. Please see Adding, Editing and Deleting Others Hosted On Your Domain for more information on how to do this. Keep in mind that your hostees can not use your CGI server, run CGI scripts, or access your MySQL database. They would need to buy paid hosting of their own. This would be an excellent opportunity to earn extra cash through our Referral Program.

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