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Pointing A Purchased Domain To An Existing Directory

It is not possible for a domain to be pointed to a folder on your own web space, or a hostee's FTP account. The internet domain system does not work in a way to allow this.

You may have a subdomain such as but you must be the owner of the original domain. Please see How To Add A Sub-Domain and Do you offer a reseller program? for more information on allowing your hostee access to the subdomain.

It is strongly recommended that your hostee signs up with Active Web Hosting for an account of their own. They could choose their own domain name. This is recommended because not only does this this gives your friend full web hosting services (including CGI server and MySQL database) for only $10 per month, you can also earn a monthly credit on your account if your friend mentioned your domain name in the Referred By box when signing up.

Once a hostee has their own domain and web space, be sure that they have transferred all of their old files to their new site before removing their files and their directory. You may remove their files and keep their directory to use as a redirect so that their visitors and search engines can find their new site. This is entirely up to you. Webmasters sometimes do this as a courtesy and leave the redirect online for at least 30 days before removing the old directory. You can use the code below to create this redirect. Replace the highlighted areas as needed, save it as index.html and upload it to the hostee's old directory. Be sure all other files have been removed.

Site Moved Code:

<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" content="10; URL=">
<title>Hostee's Title Page</title></head>
This site has moved to <a href=""></a>.
Please update your bookmarks. You will be redirected to the new site in about 10 seconds. If you are not redirected, click the above link.

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