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E107 v0.617 Content Management System

What is E107?

E107 is a free open source content management system or portal that supports RSS newsfeed capability. With it you can set up a complete web site and even allow users to register and log in. In addition, E107 is fully customizeable with plug-ins and themes. You can also have a calender, chat box, and make downloads available. Note that Active Web Hosting does have restrictions on what file types you can make available for download on your CGI server and only you may upload files to your CGI server.


While we tested E107 to work on our servers, you MAY experience some problems such as slow to no response, warnings and errors about no permission to access a file and at one point, the test cgi server for the testing domain became temporarily unresponsive. It is strongly recommended that you try using another content management system from this list.


To use E107, you need to be sure your CGI account is set up. Please see How To Request A CGI Account for more information. You may also need to have a MySQL account set up if the script accesses a MySQL database. Most PHP-based scripts require this. Please see How To Request A MySQL Database. You will also need to download a copy of E107. The version used in this tutorial was

Always be sure you have installed the latest updates and/or patches for the script as well as for any additional add-ons. Updates are very important to the security and proper functioning of the script! Our instructions may be for earlier versions of scripts due to the fact that we are not able to keep up with updates to every script at all times. It is still up to the domain owner to install and use the latest version of these scripts.


Remember that only your main account can access CGI scripts on your server. Any hosting or extra FTP accounts that access these scripts may cause your account to be deactivated and you'll have to contact support.

For E107 to work correctly, please do not put it or it's directories inside your cgi-bin directory. If you do, the script may not work. It's best to use a separate directory and leave the cgi-bin directory for your smaller scripts.


  1. Extract the files from the .zip archive (if you do not have a program to do this, we recommend WinZip for Windows users). Log into your CGI server with an FTP program. Create a new directory (we'll use e107 as an example for this tutorial). Upload all the directories and files from the extracted E107 archive to the new directory. This may take awhile for those on dial-up services.

  2. Set the file permissions to 777 for the following directories:


  3. Set the file permission of e107_config.php to 777.

  4. Set the file permissions of e107_files/backend/news.xml and e107_files/backend/news.txt to 777.


  1. Point your web browser to (replace with your actual domain name and e107 with the name of the directory you uploaded the e107 files to).

  2. After you set your language, you'll be taken to the test page. Note that the MySQL version number might not be detectable and a warning may be given. Please continue with the installation regardless.

  3. Set up the following:

    mySQL Server: (Leave as is: localhost)
    mySQL Username: yourdomaincom (Replace with your actual domain name without the dot.)
    mySQL Password: (Your MySQL Database Password.)
    mySQL Database: yourdomaincom (Replace with your actual domain name without the dot.)
    NOTE: Do not put a check in the box next to tick to create.
    Table prefix: e107_ (You can change this, but be sure it's not the same as another prefix already being used in your database.)

  4. Once the MySQL connection is verified, click the button to continue. You'll now have to fill in the administrator's information. Please be sure to write down this information and keep it in a safe place in case you forget.

  5. Once E107 is installed, log back into your CGI server and change the file permission of e107_config.php to 644. Do not log out yet. Go to your browser and click the Cick here to go to your new web site! button. Then go back to your FTP program and delete the install.php file.

  6. Log in using your administrator username and password.

  7. On the left in the Welcome [username] box, click on the Admin Area link.

  8. Here you will see a lot of options you can change to customize your web site. Please see the E107 web site for complete information. We'll only set up one item next. You can browse the other options and set them to suit your site. Most all of these options are pretty easy to configure without any extra help.

  9. Downloads: Click on the Public Uploads link. Be sure that Uploads Enabled is set to No. Active Web Hosting does not allow you to have visitors upload files to your web site. In the Allowed file types box, please ensure that the files types are allowable on your CGI server. For more information, please see File Types Allowed On The CGI Server. Lastly, in the Permission drop down box, select No One (inactive). If you find that you can not, as administrator, upload files, then you can try the Members Only option. Click the Submit button when done.

  10. Click the Admin Front Page button on the left of the page.

  11. Whenever a new link, news, review or article submission is pending, you can see this in the Information box in the main site administration page. Click on the link to view and approve/disapprove the submission. Click the Preview button at the end of the post page, then after that, click to post it to the database. The post will now be online.


I get a database error when I try to run E107.

Be sure that you have set up the configuration properly. For more information, please see I get a database error when I try to run a script that accesses the MySQL database.

During installation, it says that it can not determine the MySQL version.

We have encountered this too. Just continue on with the installation as you normally would.

During installation, it says that some of the file permissions are not set correctly.

Please log into your CGI server and set the file permissions as recommended during the installation.

I get an error saying there's no permission to access a file I just made.

This is due to the SAFE MODE set on for security reasons. You will want to download the new file you created (possibly found in e107_plugins/custompages/ or e107_plugins/custom/) to your hard drive, delete the file off the CGI server, then re-upload the file from your hard drive to your CGI server. This is the only around the problem at this time.

I got an Error 503 saying Service is Unavailable. I can log into my CGI server, but nothing else on it works!

This is a known problem while using e107. This is due to the size of the e107 system and the way it's made. If you are unable to run this system on your CGI server, we suggest you try another content management system. If your CGI server does not reset itself and come back online after about 60 minutes, please email


If you have any problems or questions about E107, please see the E107 web site.

Active Web Hosting may not be able to provide support for this program or it's installation.

Alternative Software:

Below you'll find a list of alternative software that you may also want to try. Click on the program name to go to the author's site. Click on the 'Tutorial' link to view our installation tutorial.


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